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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 3, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the boardwalk. if you want to find any of the flooding you had to go to the end of the inlet until you couldn't go any further. around 2:30 the tidal surge flooded the parking lot near the inlet. drivers had to leave for slightly higher ground. police blocked off the entrance to the parking lot and the tourists took it's all in. >> i've never seen it like this ever. >> reporter: joyce and phyllis are actually staying in bethany beach, but they made their way to the inlet to see what it looks like when a few feet above sea level becomes sea level. >> earl didn't come to see us so we came down to see him. >> reporter: a few blocks away gary's 36-foot fishing boat is safe he's been checking the lines all day. he could have chosen to pull his boat out of the water. he says he feels fortunate that costly and time consuming measure wasn't necessary. >> i feel we got lucky.
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it stayed further to the east. so we got lucky. >> reporter: got a couple of people out here just checking out the surf seeing what it looks like they would prefer its if people didn't even walk in the water because potential for a large wave is still there. however that's going to get less and less as the evening goes on. by tomorrow they are hoping to reopen the beach fully. the only flooding we saw was in the inlet in parking lot. there was no flooding in ocean city. the parts you might think of philadelphia road it did not do that this time. we're going to talk about that and more coming up at 6:00 christian schaefer abc 2 news. no big shocker to see those huge waves rolling necessity we knew all along that was going to be the biggest concern. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. you can see what is left of now category 1 hurricane earl continuing to churn offshore, but we did get some pretty
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heavy rain bands across del mar virginia delaware, but things improving as the core of this storm is not just weakening but really whipping north 25 miles per hour. biggest concern later this evening is going to be for places like cape cod. again that track pulling it further and further away from ocean city. right now the storm about 179 miles offshore. we'll have much more on what's going on with the hurricane and also the 3 day weekend coming up. the high tide from earl pushed ocean water right up to the boardwalk. the tides along with heavy winds can take a toll on ocean city beaches. >> reporter: kelly, it did affect the beach.
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there's about 300 emergency management workers down here trying to help out. they have 10 miles of beach in ocean city. the mayor's office has been getting ready for this. all of those people have been preparing for earl to hit ocean city. earl started off as a big heavy brute as a category 4 hurricane when he got here it was a wimp he category 2. many vacationers and residents ventured out to witness mother nature throwing out a little attitude. jet skyers took the waves. >> ocean city officials have closed the water to swimming. and let me tell you why. it's dangerous out here. this current is awful strong. if these waves knock you down and take you under, this will pull you back out to sea over
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your head and into trouble before you know it. ocean city has had a beach replenishment program in place since the late 1980s. they have spent a hundred million dollars to beef up the beaches. mayor rick meehan says it's well worth the investment. >> from the storms that have come through here it has probably protected or saved over $275 million worth of damages. >> reporter: the improved beach is comforting to the mayor. >> it protects the economic vitality of ocean city and it's done wonders for securing our beaches. >> reporter: the beach has held up okay. with the high winds and the storm and all that going on there's not much activity outside. i did talk with the chief of police to see if they had any problems. she said everything was pretty calm. although this morning there was an intoxicated man swimming on
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the beach nude. he's in lock-up right now. don harrison live back to you guys. >> thanks don for that live report. great work out there. the waves from hurricane earl are crashing into new jersey beaches but that's not keeping some brave swimmers off long beach. while they are swimming in new jersey some in massachusetts are sandbagging. inmates from the plymouth county correctional facility were out early shoveling and stacking sandbags. you can see the forecast online on click on the hurricane center right under the weather tab. state police are investigating a hartford county motorcycle crash that claimed the life of a 13 year-old girl. the teen was a passenger when the driver lost control and slid into the back a van. police are continuing to investigate.
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there's no word yet on what caused the driver to lose control. an anne arundel county middle school student brought a knife to school but was apprehended by other students. he told other students he intended to youth it. it all stemmed from a fight in the neighborhood early in the week. educators credit the quick thinking of students who help prevent a dangerous situation as teachers were quickly able to recover the knife and the student in question. >> we take these things very seriously as we have to. i mean, something like this if students didn't do was they were supposed to do and administration wasn't made aware of it we could have had a really dangerous situation here. >> the school system immediately sent home letters to parents as well as made automated phone calls to inform families of what happened. and two students from the juvenile justice center school officials found an unloaded gun
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in one of their back packs. other students notified the principal and school police quickly investigated the situation. a letter was sent home to parent. the two students detained will be suspended from school. a woman is dead tonight after a triple shooting last night in southwest baltimore. jeff hager joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: in addition to the female victim a 22-year-old man and 14-year-old boy were both injured. bullets pierced the between doe of this home, a neighbor's home two doors down and yet another neighbor's car just down the street in the 500 block of east land avenue. >> when we arrived we found the 30-year-old female in the street. she was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to her back. she was transported to a local hospital where she later died from her injuries. >> reporter: in addition bullets struck a 22-year-old
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man in the neck and young boy in the hands. he's just 14. on the street police have become quite familiar as an open air drug market the suspected motive for the shooting should come as no surprise. >> we believe that the shooting may be over a drug dispute which occurred in the block. however this information is very preliminary. detectives have been working through the night and we hope to have more information later on,. >> reporter: residents in the block will tell you they heard gunfire drug dealers routinely work their streets but they wouldn't tell us that on camera. who could really blame them. >> scott-smith's murder is the 147th in baltimore this year that's two less than at this same point last year. jeff hager abc 2 news. >> thanks jeff. authorities are beginning to unravel what actually happened when a gun man stormed the discovery channel building in downtown silver spring taking several hostage.
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today police released the chilling 911 calls from those who were inside the building. tune in to abc 2 news at 11:00 for a inside of what actually happened. well baltimore city workers have an extra long holiday weekend. today was a mandatory furlough day. most of the city was officially closed except for police, fire and other first responders. along with trash and recycling collection. the next mandatory furlough day is scheduled for friday november 26th. voters across the state headed to the polls data part in early voting. the maryland primary will actually be held september 14th, but starting today voters have a chance to beat the lines. early voting will close on sunday and reopen again on september 6th running through september 9th. well, the worst belt way fierce confirmed it turns out baltimore really does have some of the worst drivers around we'll explain. as long as you're behind the
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wheel if you're single that is, we've got a new use for your gps. >> it could take you to lover's lane. we'll explain. and one pacific island youth never want to visit. it's a gigantic pile of floating garbage. looking at ocean city tonight, 80 degrees, the calm after the storm. wyatt's got the details coming up.
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. in and around the gulf of mexico today they are an explosion. no one was killed. very little oil escaped from the mariner energy platform. as a be c reports. it's a happy ending after a very long painful summer.
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>> reporter: the matt form had 7 active wells in production when the fire broke out. 13 crew members managed to shut them down before the firey erupted and jumped into the ocean where they floated for two hours before help arrived. >> it's always been my dad and my mom. >> reporter: the explosion was a nightmare revisited happening just 200 miles west of the bp deepwater horizon oil rig which sank four months ago. those impacted by bp's spill continues fighting to recover their losses voicing their frustration at delays and demands for paperwork. >> we've got people working around the clock 24/7 in shifts to go through especially the individual claims. >> reporter: that didn't satisfy many here nor has the more for you on new deep water offshore drilling in the gulf
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ordered by the obama administration. >> the gulf of mexico mexico provides 30% of all the oil in america. >> reporter: 3400 platforms operate in the gulf. these workers at a texas rally are among the half million who work on the rigs or support those who do. they want to moratorium lifted others wants it extended. survivors tell us incidents like that are just part of the job and most expect their loved ones back on the platform as soon as they can. abc news louisiana. >> well if you're hitting the road this holiday weekend watch out. according to allstate's best driver report the baltimore area has the second worst drivers in the nation coming in just behind d. c. baltimore drivers have a crash every 5.5 years and have an 80% higher chance of other drivers of being in an accident. you'll be paying more at the pump than last year a
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gallon of regular gas will cost you an average of $2.56. and last year we're down only slightly at 2.52 a gallon. your gps won't help you find your way on the road it may help you find a date. today's singles are turning into gps dating. at the farmers market in the park or out on the town with a group of friends people can find out who else in their immediate vicinity is looking for a love connection thanks to a profile on smartphone applications. >> i saw him on, and i -- his smile really caught my attention. his picture was very handsome. >> it turned out she was right down stairs two floors beneath me on a break at work. she says come say hi. >> that's kind of scary. despite the success stories critics warn of the dangers involved when someone knows where you are and what you look
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like. well researchers are back after a 21 trek to a floating garbage pile in the pacific ocean. the floating mass contains everything from nets and oil containers to detergent bottles and hard hats along with a vast array of small micro fragments of plastic. this year's journey focused on tracking the types of debris and their location, specifically through charting ocean currents. > th also birds and wildlife, he when the fish have it go through their system this is fish we're eating now. >> the ocean clean up initiative collected some 1,000 pounds of debris just to analyze the junk. i guess we'll be analyzing hurricane earl the storm that really wasn't. >> kelly, yeah it's interesting the track of this
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thing, i mean, again we talked about yesterday we knew we would keep it off of the maryland beaches but still some huge waivers coming in. they did have breast pretty gusty winds down there. the rest of the weekend looks nice but today a little dicey down there. ocean city airport, this is public safety we've got 80 degrees. peak wind gusts on the strip 41 miles per hour today. see that pretty windy stuff no doubt about it. west ocean city there's the airport we did get a gust of 30 today. take in misdemeanor's most powerful radar you can kind of see that the circulation here is definitely moving further and further offshore, but earlier today, you know we did get some decent rains at least mainly east of annapolis from the chesapeake bay over got a wave of rain that came across dell ma virginia. but against these outer rain bands pulling out to sea.
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satellite view a little different perspective here. still some cloud cover to get through we've stayed generally cloudy around the baltimore area because outer cloud bands from earl have kept us on the gray side, if you will. still a little more cloud cover to get through here. the southern edge ofst storm, the southern outer edge of the clouds at least are still well down into the carolinas. i don't think we clear the skies until overnight tonight. you can see the center of circulation on this thing continuing to push well up toward cape cod. that's where the hurricane concern threat is left is up into new england right now actually in massachusetts. winds still to 80. so hurricane earl still a category one hurricane andrew probably weaken will tropical storm strength latter on tonight and into the day tomorrow. hurricane warnings we've now dropped that hurricane watch. we've now dropped the tropical storm warnings for maryland, delaware, new jersey. we still have a couple of watches and warnings up for basically cape cod and far eastern massachusetts but other than that we're looking much much better here all tracks
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taking earl further out to sea. other weather focus is the 3 day weekend. many of us with a three day weekend. you can see earl pulling away, cool front coming in. this would have been the bigger weather story without earl because this is going to usher in some much cooler air. breezy day tomorrow with the front coming through. earl pulling outgoing to he mean a day we could see wind gusting 20 miles per hour. sun will be back out but behind this front much cooler air rolls in and we're talking about upper 70s tomorrow and a night in the mid 50s tomorrow night. we'll keep a few clouds around with the front passing we'll see decent sunshine especially sunday and monday a lot of sun. 65 tonight partly cloudy. a little breezy out. tomorrow we're talking about 78 clearing sunny quite breezy though and again much cooler. 55 as you head out for your
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saturday festivities. holiday weekend we're talking about 70s and sunshine back. so much milder conditions throughout. >> thanks a lot wyatt. you tried to cut a few calories, maybe you should lit the pill. new research shows many people who sleep more lack less. what were once a popular pain reliever for infants may not be as helpful as one thought.
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. we have a ton of new stories all coming your way at 5:30. i'm roosevelt leftwich. if you think paying to check your bags on airline flights stinks guess what's coming
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next. we'll have the latest own airline fees. what does the weekend hold for folks down shore. we'll preview labor day in oc. and be still my upset stomach. beaver fever is coming here this weekend like some disease. we'll tell you what you need to know to catch it. all tonight at 5:30. . thanks a lot rosie. tonight's health alert. late nights may be taking a toll on your teen's diet. a study published in the journal sleep shows that teens who average fewer than 8 hours of sleep on week nights tend to eat more fatty foods and high calorie snacks. the connection between sleep and eating may come from hormones that control the appetite. not getting enough sleep can cut back on those hormones. you know, it has been a long standing thought even in a wives tale giving sugar to infants can help relieve the pain. new evidence shows that may not be the case.
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dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: doctors often give infants an oral sugar solution to relief pain. the sweet solution only changes the baby's facial expression. 59 healthy newborns were pricked in their heel to draw blood samples. half of the infants were given a sugar solution and the other half were given a water solution. doctors recorded the brain and spinal cord responses as well as the physical responses of both groups. both groups showed similar pain activity in the brain, but the newborns who did not get the sugar looked like they were in pain with their facial expressions, and the ones who got the sugar appear to be in less pain. researchers suggest the sugar might hinder facial expressions even though the pain is still there. the results challenge existing medical practice.
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while some scientists think new procedures should be put into place because of the findings, others believe the study was too small to recommend significant changes at this time. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. well, we're in the clear from earl in maryland in fact we've actually seen a few rays of sun this afternoon. but in new england they are just getting ready for it. the latest on earl and look at your labor day forecast is two minutes away right here on abc 2 news at 5:30.
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and ocean city as misdemeanor maryland dodges the brunt of that storm. wyatt everhart has been tr


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